Top 5 Posts Answering How to Increase Traffic to My Blog

Once a blog is created, the design is layed out and some content created the next question is:

How to increase traffic to my blog?  (Tweet This)

Even some of the most successful bloggers with thousands of daily visitors have said they remember first starting their blog and receiving 10 visitors a day.  Most new bloggers will experience the same thing and learn as they go.  But, by learning from others the time it takes to go from start to 10,000 visitors a month (or more) can be reduced significantly.

Lets take a look at the top 5 posts about building traffic to your blog.

Below, I talk about how the name of your post will have a huge impact on the traffic received from search results.

Here are the top 5 blog posts about driving traffic to a blog.

1.  How To Get Over 50,000 Visits to Your Blog in the First Month - From a Guest Poster on Think Traffic

This post goes over how a new blogger created over 50,000 visitors in his first month of having a blog.

The strategies are:

  • Write long, thorough posts
  • Distribute your content
  • Names, names names

2.  21 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic – SEOMoz

Rand Fishkin is a popular blogger and dropped out of university to start SEOmoz .  SEOmoz now has a huge influence in the online world.  In this post he lists great tactics to drive traffic to a blog.

3.  How Writing = More Traffic and Subscribers – Tom Ewer – Leaving Work Behind

Here is a real life example of the power of guest posting, how much traffic it brings in and what it does for your email list.  Tom provides the stats in this article.  There is also a video interview with Danny who “pops out 1,200 – 1,600 word posts in 60 – 90 minutes”.  A tremendous amount of info is provided for free in the interview.

4.  2 Different Tales of Blog Growth – ProBlogger

A case study about how two different blogs set out to grow blog traffic.  One a photography site and another a blogging site.  Darren Rowse shares the details of reaching the “Tipping Point”.

5.  How a 3 Month Old Website Received 958,373 from Google – Viper Chill

Glen likes to think outside of the box.  That is a pretty common term but it is taught in many business courses and heard from many successful people…doing what others are not doing and it will generate excellent results.  So how do you do that with a blog? Glen explains in this article.

Next, How to Name Your Post

Now that you have read those articles it should provide some answers when you are scratching your head and wondering to yourself “How to increase traffic to my blog“.

After putting a  great deal of in depth thought into composing an article and promoting it.  The name chosen for a blog post will also have a huge impact on the amount of search traffic generated.

For naming this article I used Market Samurai to find a few common search terms that relate to this post.  Then using competition module in Market Samurai I was provided with the following information to make a decision on.


This image shows the keywords and the traffic and the potential traffic it would receive if ranked #1 for the search term.  For the purpose of this post I will simply look at the SEOC (search engine competition) of 423 and say the likelihood of having the post show up #1 in google while competing with only 423 pages versus 30,000+  is worth the difference in potential traffic.

I suggest spending a few minutes on keyword research before posting and promoting your post if you are interested in search traffic.  10 minutes of research could go a long way to obtaining traffic from search results.

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