Top 100 WordPress Plug ins

Top 100 WordPress Plug Ins

Not all wordpress plugins are made the same.  In the last three months I have spent days researching which are the best plug ins to use and have tested out at least 100 myself.

I have run into plug ins that look great but then they are missing one feature I really wanted to use.  When I am searching for a plug in there I want all the features available so that it will benefit me the most.

After searching through many “top plug in” lists I found one that has a load of research and recommendations behind it.

The list is made by Andy who surveyed top online marketers and made a sweet list of 100 wordpress plugins (Tweet This) that they most used.  The list is in the form a free downloadable pdf and has descriptions of what each of the plug ins use and why marketers use it.

Top 100 WordPress Plug Ins
Internet Marketers Use.

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